Over the last year, we’ve been working to build a better experience for you and we’re now ready to introduce you to a brand new world of M1!

we’re on a mission
to bring more pluses
to your M1 experience

We’re about to upgrade you to our new plan and will be contacting each one of you so you can learn more about your free upgrades, enhanced app experience, personalised rewards, plus so much more.

Here are some of the pluses you can look forward to on your account.
*We’ve specially personalised your new plan so you get the best value. Feel free to recustomise it the way you want—it’s your plan, after all! By doing so, your plan will follow any new benefits and discounts.
total additional data given to all M1 users
215780 GB
For those on voice-only plans, you can expect
to receive at least 5GB data boost on your bundle.
For those on selected plans with data, you can expect to receive up to 50GB data boost on your bundle.
how it works
Getting upgraded to our new M1 experience is exciting and easy.
Step 1
An email and SMS will be sent to you to notify you of your plan upgrade.
Step 2
All mobile lines under your account will be upgraded to the new M1 plan. Everything will be done for you, so you don’t need to do anything else!
Step 3
Download the My M1+ app to start enjoying all the pluses of your upgraded plan.
Step 4
Using your mobile number, log in to the My M1+ app to view the new details of your plan(s).

Your new world of M1 begins with these added benefits.

  • Voicemail service will no longer be available from 1 December 2022.
  • Missed call alerts SMS will no longer be available.
  • Video calls will now utilise your data bundle instead of talktime.
  • Number Retention service will no longer be available when you change your M1 number.
  • Itemised billing add-on with detailed listing of local call usage will no longer be available.
Other retired add-ons
  • GSM Internet Short Message
  • GSM M1 Email
  • GSM Group Messaging
  • GSM MVPN Call Routing
  • M1 Mobile Guard
  • 100MB Roaming Mobile Data Bundle (Monthly)
  • Data Roaming Alert

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